Just Relax And Wait

Learn the art of balancing life. Learn to open your body centre through exercise, yoga, deep breathing.… Learn to open your mind. There is joy when you learn and when you keep your mind open to new possibilities. Learn to open up your bliss centre.

A prince met Lord Buddha whose ‘presence’ and ‘being’ inspired him to be a monk. The prince was a great musician and led a luxurious life. After initiation, he went to the other extreme. He renounced everything. He started fasting vigorously and walked on thorns.

Buddha asked, “If the strands of the guitar are loose, can you play good music?” “No,” replied the prince. “If the strands of the guitar are tight, can you play good music?” “No,” replied the prince. “Don’t go to extremes, it is only through right tuning of the strands that you can play good music. Similarly, balance your life well and automatically music would flow into your life,” advised Buddha. Be in the present, it is joyful.

Live from the ‘higher Self’, not from the ‘lower self’. The ‘higher Self ‘ encourages you, as it is filled with positivity. The ‘lower self’ is an interfering self. It discourages you.

It acts more like an obstacle. Relax your body and mind. When thoughts emerge, see them as a wonder. See the beauty of your thoughts. Do not fight with them. See them like aplay. Slowly, you create a synergy with your thoughts. But whenever possible, be without thoughts. Learn the art of being empty. Do not verbalise an experience. Then your mind relaxes.

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