Aamir Khan: I am Mr Passionate, not Mr Perfectionist

“It puts no pressure on me because I don’t believe in the title. So that title is an inaccurate title. The correct title that fits me is not Mr Perfectionist, it should be Mr Passionate, that is what I am,” Aamir said.

“Perfection according to me, does not exist. Their is no such thing. Certainly not in the creative field. There are so many different opinions, so how can there be a perfect idea?” Aamir says for him perfection in a shot is not about being technically faultless but more about capturing the heart of the scene.

“When I am in a shot there are many elements that need to be right. There are lot of technical problems because of which a shot has to be done again. I don’t look for technical perfections. What I look for in a shot is whether one has been able to capture the heart of the moment. Then you see the shot, you feel that it happened and everything fall in place.”

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