10 Things You Feel When Your Long Distance Relationship Ends

“Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss.”

Long distance relationships are hard. When the person is not around you physically, it becomes difficult to keep the spark alive. In no way am I saying that long distance relationships do not last, but you’d be lying if you deny that most of them end just because of the distance.

But, for the relationships that end, the very fact that their partner is far away, doesn’t make it easier. So, here are few things you feel when a long distance relationship ends.

1. 90% of your calling, chatting and Skyping suddenly stops

Long distance means spending time on the phone, laptops and social media. Now that the person is out of your life, your phone has stopped ringing or beeping that often.

2. You realise that although you were far away, you were still very close

You ended a the relationship thinking that the proximity has pushed you apart, but it’s when you break up you realise how close you actually were.

3. You suddenly feel empty even though everything around you is the same

Your house/college is the same. Your friends are still the same. Your hangouts spots are still the same. Nothing around you has changed, but you still feel hollow, like an essential part of your life has been taken out.

4. That excitement of ‘looking forward to meeting your partner’ is no longer there

All the people who are in long distance will agree with the fact that they survive without their SO thinking about the time they are going to meet next. That anxiety of looking forward to that particular day will no longer be there.

5. You start doubting yourself about being commitment phobic

You will think that maybe you do not have the patience to make a long-distance relationship last. You will think twice before getting into another relationship which can metamorphose into a long distance eventually.

6. You feel horrible when you see your partner’s happy pictures on social media

It hurts like a bitch. Even if you have moved on, seeing your ex happy on social media is never pleasing. God forbid, it there’s a picture with opposite gender, your mind will explode like a volcano.

7. You feel more anxious because you can’t see what they are doing after breaking up

It just makes you restless. Since they are not around you, you spend most of your time thinking what they would have been doing.

8. You feel you still haven’t gotten closure

It doesn’t feel like a break-up yet. The very reason that it was not done in person makes you feel that you weren’t able to convey the message properly. Maybe you wanted to hug them once or kiss them once. There are a lot of loose ends…

9. You feel like seeing them one last time (even if it’s for yelling and venting)

They very fact that the relationship is over and you didn’t even get to cry or yell in front of them leaves that itch in your brain that you want to scratch. This feeling further leads to drunk calls, texts etc.

10. You worry about the next time you’ll cross paths and how awkward it will get

That will be the very first time you’ll be seeing the person when they are not with you. You don’t know what to feel about it. You obviously would have missed them, and you don’t know how they’d react. It can be very confusing.

But, any relationship ended for the betterment of both individuals eventually heals all wounds. The correct thing to do will be to handle your break up maturely and still stay good friends.

Hope this was helpful.
Until next time…

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